Bitgen signature verification

There files are signed using bitsig and GPG. Here are instructions for how to verify the signatures.

GPG signature verification

1. Download the public key file: bitgen_public.gpg
2. Import the public key: gpg --import bitgen_public.gpg

The fingerprint should be: 60A4 5D96 0CAF 0923 19FF F2D0 71DF C6C3 CAA8 F7CB

3. (Optional, require own private key) Sign the public key: gpg --edit CAA8F7CB (Type "sign")
4. Verify the signature: gpg --verify the_file_name.sig

Bitsig signature verification

1. Run bitsig with the verify command: bitsig verify the_filename

For example:
$ bitsig verify bitgen_0.15.tar.gz
The following message shoud be displayed:

Verify OK for address: 1L5TnzknDGZuHde9Uz8mBjZAq6tz8MnN97
Web address: